Our Romance with Technology

Food, Water,air and technology.

As I begin to look at my life and all the things within  it I cannot help but to place my technological devices as some of the most important and crucial aspects of my existence. For example, I could not be sharing my concerns to you right now  if it wasn’t for the  technologies like my loyal and ever loving computer.

I found out yesterday that I am currently suffering from nomophobia, now dont get to concerned guys. This is a fear shared by over half the population whereby the loss of your mobile phone causes anxiety, creates a feeling of vulnerability and in some cases incites depression.

Not having access to Facebook has seen similar results, I myself before beginning this piece decided to venture to the social media giant. But what is it that has created this unparalleled bond between humans and technology. It is the practicality, the thought of how did people every live without it, or is our drive to advance so extreme it has precedence over everything?’

I used to wonder why my mother wanted to have an iphone and why she couldnt be content with an easy to use classical Nokia, or why I wanted the latest updates to my Iphone. It then became clear, our technology is what makes us superior beings, it separates us from the animals and is why as humans we exist at the top of the food change. And this unique relationship  is one of continual development and and our thirst for  technological advancement will simply never be quenched.

Humans suffer from ‘instinctual deprivation’. This is to say that when we are born we lack an instinctual ability to screen out information that is irrelevant. Take for instance  the media and advertising that is forced into us and how these images and advertisements, applications etc can stay with us long after they have escaped our gaze. We are fascinated by it, our intellect begs to be fed and as throughout history, it is technological advances have provided the greatest nourishment for our never ending curiosity, whilst  also providing the pinnacle breakthroughs for mankind.  What I mean to say by this is that without this relationship we would be unable to function.  Social connections would break down, millions would perish under the pressure of a world free from technology and I personally wouldn’t be able to create genius Facebook status’ on a daily basis.

What’s in store for the future?? It’s uncertain, but personally i’m excited, embracing technology has never been a choice but a reality.


Enjoy life Australia

How can you win but still loose,

The criticism that is being placed on the Australian Olympic team is unbelievable, whereby if you achieve a silver medal you are considerd to have failed and to have spent the last 3 years on a couch eating deep fried dumplings.

I was reluctent to write this blog but I overheard a converation on a tram between two outragged Aussie blokes, bewildered and confused by their lack of golds. Pronouncing that they should in fact be ahead of Britain. I had to interrupt. For thoose of you who are unaware,  it was said that Australia were going to challenge Great Britain on the medal Tally in a sort of  ‘Olympic Ashes’ type event, I too myself once made a similar goal, I was going to teach my dog Sparkles how to do a triple back flip. Now whilst you may think this is idiotic my gymnastic aspirations for sparkles it remains more realistic than aiming to beat superpower Great Britain who’s population is triple that of Australia. Currently Australia sit with 6 golds to the host nations 26. This  medal count is imply outstanding for a country with a population of Australia. However this is not how it is made out to be by the media and from their furious coverage has led to a chain reaction that stretched as far to push many athletes to breaking point.

The swim team has being labeled as “below the bar” by the Herald sun and ‘disspointing’ .  Whilst long jumper Mitchell Watt could not believe his ears when the first thing asked after WINNING silver was how he felt about the ‘disappointing result’. But its not just the media,  there are thousands on the net voicing their outrage. These are a few comments I have read so far.

Yahoo  user Biggins07 “The taxpayer dollars I contribute would of enabled me to win more gold“……no they wouldn’t have Biggins07.

Melbournian Anne in the MX “The atheletes can point fingers at the end  it comes down to their individual perfomance, not a good look” ..Chill out Anne from Melbourne

And of course old Olympians have taken the chance to critize current performances in an ill attempt to reinforce how much ‘harder’ the old days were. With former Olympic champion Suzie Olympic  indicating there simply wasn’t the  “discipline” and “focus”. This is terrible.  Australia currently has 6 gold medals, 13 silver medals and ten bronze. When I saw this I was in awe at what a small country with 20 million had managed to achieve.

Meanwhile however , back at the Olympic Village, instead of being wildly joyous as per program, Emily Seebolmthe 20-year-old burst into tears at coming second. She had swum a gold-medal time in her heat, but in the final was pipped by America’s Missy Franklin.

What happened to the main values in sport,  such as sportsmanship and being graceful in defeat. Maybe we need not look further than our New Zealand brotherins across the ditch who after achieving their first medal, a bronze medal were overwhelmed.


Knowing that the team was capable of gold they were more contnet with the fact that the brave equestrians had given it their all for their country which at the end of the day is the true essence of the olympics and not the amount of gold you win


Hello world!

I’m a 20 year old male. My name is James Ogilvie and these are my views shared to the world.

At the moment I am currently studying at the university of Melbourne whilst simultaneously trying to thrive in the big city. I recently moved over from the motherland otherwise known as New Zealand. These works of art, and self expression act as testament to my views on technology whilst also incorporating my views on various other subjects such as cuisine or other points of interest I encounter in this foreign land of Australia.

The largely technology based aspect and why I chose to write about our obsession with the cyber world is because I personally don’t get it. And im not just talking figuratively but literally, it is my lack of skill regarding computers and other devices of the sort that have created this burning anxiety to learn more. So if your’e like me and are stuck in a world where an Iphone is not as important as a beating heart and you feel awkward having a face-to-face conversation over the internet then I hope you enjoy.

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