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Noodle Time

I stand corrected. There are 2 great culinary hotspots in Melbourne where pan Asian is the flavour of the day. MoPho Noodle Bar in south Yarra is a funky amalgamation between Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese all washed through a filter of western hipster-esk culture.


I will begin with the décor. Its polished concrete floors and bamboo washed with black ink gives it a cave like quality. A den of satisfaction. When you walk in the door and take a seat the first thing you will notice is the transparency that is presented in the open lay out. You can watch the chefs whip your food together with elegance and precision. On the other side of the bar is a huge wall unit of bamboo cupboards that hold the extra packets of noodles and spices. This allows you not only interaction with the chefs as they collect extra supplies  but it also allows for you to know what you are eating.


Before I get onto the food I wish to say one more thing about the aesthetic appeal of the venue. The music. The general manager Mike Raffone keeps playlists of 80’s and 90’s hip hop and cruisy tunes that stimulate your senses and in no way emulate the selection found in an airport lounge. 


The food. The servings are large firstly. This however is hardly the most redeeming factor as the flavours are authentic with a slight western twist. The presentation is immaculate and creative and contributes to get your stomach rumbling. The ingredients are fresh and thrown together with well-refined expertise. Every dish is made per order.


The final words I will expel before getting back to my dish will be on the service. It is friendly, relaxed and suits the funky atmosphere of the venue. The waiter crouches down to your level and speaks to you as though you are an old friend providing expert knowledge regarding the dynamic of the dishes created.


Highly recommended. Get Yo Mopho on!!


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20YROLD Male born in raised in the motherland aka New Zealand. Currently studying in Melbourne and enjoying every second.

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