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…..A Blog About Blogging…..

Over the semester I have always asked myself why do people blog; is it the thrill of having the freedom of expression that blogging allows? Is it for the acknowledgment of ideas and thoughts from a greater audience or simply a way to pass the time?

It is crucial to break down the concept to its fundamental basics, so what is blogging. Essentially it is another form of social interaction, much like Facebook or twitter it permits users to have a form of self expressions on subjects that interest them. The main difference of course is that instead of sharing with just family or friends the ‘blogosphere’ gives you the world as your audience. With the social interaction created being its greatest feature.

The format of the blog allows for the writer to benefit from reader interaction, an example I recently observed  was a conversation had after a piece was created on this very site entitled “Is Islam a religion of peace, no” constructed by a man who goes under the username thegreatantagonist (very fitting).  The piece itself was confronting but did provide  an honest and informative insight into his perspectives on Islamic religion, however through statements such as “Mohammed was a Warlord” and emphasizing the Islamic belief that killing and dying for the religion will grant paradise with the promise of 17 virgins I thought he may of gone a step far. The comment section included a reply by a Musling Saudi, things were about to go pear shape I thought. However the situation didn’t unfold quite like that, Musling acknowledged a large portion of what the blog was about, but provided great input into the history of his religion.  As the comments between the two continued sentences such as “I agree” as well as “I never thought about it like that”  began to emerge. The exchange in ideas and thoughts had throughout this conversation in my perspective encapsulates perfectly the essence of blogging. It is simply a form of self-expression and a highway to exchange ideas and thoughts.

And blogs have the unique and hassle free ability of connecting people who share common interests, mums exchange ideas over parenting techniques, chefs share secrets and even the smallest of subjects become enlarged as the Internet brings all parties concerned into one common cyber space. Personal Blogs are also popular; James Ryan is a weekly YouTube blogger who mainly focuses on his personal life. His blogs ranging from why he quite alcohol to more important political matters. With over 20,000 subscribers these blogs are quite valuable not only to Mr Ryan but also for possible businesses which brings me to my next point. The other side of blogging, using it as a means of income or a way in which to make a living. Right now on the Internet there are thousands whose full time job is to discuss varying issues, businesses now use it to promote brands, sell a product or product bundles. And when you have over 50,000 views per broadcast like Mr Ryan a little touch of product placement could prove profitable.

The way we are communicating is turning into a true cyber reality.  Internet fame is not uncommon, who knows maybe I could be the next Internet superstar.


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20YROLD Male born in raised in the motherland aka New Zealand. Currently studying in Melbourne and enjoying every second.

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