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The Rising Power Of The Internet

We are entering a time where taking a stand can be as simple as a click of a button.

Slacktivism is a term I first heard in relation to the Kony 2012 phenomenon. Its something that has remained dormant in the back of my mind for sometime and I figure now is as good a time as any to air my dirty laundry. The idea that the developed world can straighten out any kinks that it may have in its conscience by ‘liking’ something on Facebook makes me want to strangle myself with my laptop power cord. The question is are we just a generation of lazy web-surfing stoners or are we just naive. Naive to the powers of Facebook, Twitter and Youtube? Do we really think that actions speak louder than words? Or have we lost our way?

Is the convenience of social networking making us lazy? Stupid?…or both? I think that coupled with our enjoyment of the developed world and its many pleasures (especially those surrounding social networking) we find ourselves living in our cyber ‘reality’ more than our physical one. We then apply rules of reality where they do not hold clout or relevance. What I mean by this is we are transferring ‘real’ world concepts of activism into a cyber vacuum. This bid to make ourselves feel as though we are contributing to a better world is lost in its own triviality. I will go one step further and dam social networking for providing a mechanism via which the First World can alleviate its guilty conscience.

Another thing people have been doing recently is changing their Facebook profile pictures to cartoon characters to raise awareness and ‘help fight’ child abuse. Yes, ok I admit that it was successful insofar as it raised awareness about the issue. My first question is…for how long? My second question is…what do we do with our newfound awareness? Do we secretly enjoy checking out The little Mermaid when we log in to Facebook? How do we manage to kid ourselves that we are actually achieving anything? Its time we stood up (physically) and brought change.

I would like to propose that everyone who reads this blog and agrees that as a society we need to ‘log off’ and do something in the REAL world. Do some ‘action’. By ‘action’ I mean that everyone should post the below picture on their Facebook wall to promote this banality. Because after all it makes a difference…right?

In all seriousness we do need to learn that activism is called activism because it’s active.


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20YROLD Male born in raised in the motherland aka New Zealand. Currently studying in Melbourne and enjoying every second.

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