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My life is always a good LOL

The internet gaming community is one which I am a fond member. Hiding behind the username THEDESTROYER, I am able to adopt a fearsome persona (unlike my actual self), and take on the fields of justice in the game League Of Legends or LOL. This game is a real time strategy game, where you use teamwork and communication to overcome the other team of 5 and destroy their base. I play with school friends who have known me as Jamie for years, and also people i have met online, who only know me as THEDESTROYER. I play LOL for around 2 hours a week, and the forums and chat rooms have now become a second home to me. One which I am feared and respected. I play as many characters, however my favorite is the fire lord brand. He uses deadly combinations of abilities to burst down enemy opponents quickly. He is the first character that a random user, OdinOneHorn, has added me from respect of my playing prowess.


My favorite character Brand, the fire lord.

LOL is actually a very complicated game. You earn gold, by killing enemy champions to buy items to increase your power. There are 105 different choices of characters to choose from, and each one has a different combination of items or playing style. You also need to think ahead to what the other team is going to try to do, for instance if there is one character that is very strong at magic damage, you would do well to buy magic resist. Each champion is also different, and a team combination would usually consist of a mage, a fighter, a tank, an attack damage carry (who does the most damage) and a support to make sure the carry does not die. These are all of the items that are available when you have enough gold:


There is a world championship for LOL as well, which was recently help in LA and had a grand prize of $1,000,000 that goes to the victorious team of 5. The world championships even has commentators which try and keep up with the fast pace of play.I have made new friends, conquered enemies, and delivered justice. I would recommend playing this game to anyone and everyone, as it is a gripping game, and once it has it’s grasp, it will never let go. See you on the battlefield.
Signing out, THEDESTROYER.


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20YROLD Male born in raised in the motherland aka New Zealand. Currently studying in Melbourne and enjoying every second.

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