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A True Diamond In The Rough

On a recent voyage through the streets of melbourne I managed to find one of the true hidden Gems of Melbourne, a little slice of paradise I like to call Peko Peko. I almost don’t want to continue for fear of over exposing it and thus placing my usual Friday place next to the window in jeopardy. On the other hand not exposing it to the world could play on my conscience and I cannot have that.

Located in the often overshadowed suburb of South Melbourne, Peko Peko has been serving its unique version of  Taiwanese for close to ten years and it’s easy to see why. Its cozy and secluded setting is the perfect backdrop to enjoy its relatively cheap and tasteful dishes.  On entry you are greeted by large overwhelming smiling faces that are the cute waitresses looking to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. Artwork adheres the wall conveying  various messages  that leave you pondering as you await your meal, quirky quotes and simple drawings are the main decor. One such masterpiece is a simply illustration of a Japanese country scene with the accompanying quotation “today is like yesterday, and yesterday will be like tomorrow”. These artworks are all produced by manager Jack, who stands comfortably behind the counter creating cocktails and keeping a watchful eye over his busy little establishment.

The true beauty however lies in the food, I can still remember the first time I went there. I was on a first date with my future girlfriend of three years. Gazing over the menu I knew it was going to be one of two things, the first would be the classic western inspired Asian cuisine we see a lot of in Melbourne at places like ‘China Bar’ whereby the meals are so covered in batter it you need a search party to find the meat, or alternatively the food is ok but you would be lying if you boasted it was anything more than alright.

Peko Peko is different and the food exceeded my expectations and then some.  

Starting with crunchy golden spring rolls I was impressed and excited for the mains, which couldn’t have come sooner.

Taking the suggestion from the gorgeous waiter I licked my lips as our ‘chili chicken’ dishes arrived. Accompanied by the recommended glass of house white wine I was delighted at how well the two worked together to create a truly unique flavor. The succulent meat provided the perfect base for the hot chili sauce. Although conversation was limited it was easy to see why, it would’ve been a crime to turn our attention away from the beauty that had been placed in front of us.

I’m afraid to continue as it I feel I am not doing it complete justice, it is truly one of those places that has to be seen to be believed! However if you still need some more encouragement I suggest you have a look at the urban spoon forum!


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