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Our Life Documentary.

For as long as I can remember I have always been a simple man with simple tastes. My curiosity for the outdoors and the life within it sufficiently outweighed my lust for a gaming console or  high-tech devices. However the emergence of the Iphone has placed me in a no mans land, I feel that this piece of technology that I have long tried to allude is now unavoidable and is close to being a new asset to my everyday accessories. Ill explain why.

The classic Nokia has served me well, these loving unbreakable pieces of stone suit me perfectly. They are virtually indestructible, you can drop them in a swimming pool and they will survive. So why did I change? What is it about this new piece of Apple technology that leaves me drolling and haunts me in my sleep. Ive put it down to one thing, it is nearly impossible to function socially  in the new technological world without it. Now whilst this is a bold statement, it does have its merits.

I can give the example of recently going on a trip with friends. It was on this trip that my companions would engage with amusing applications and spend time in this virtual cyber space that I had been secluded from. On my return home, I would endeavour to tell about my voyage but the conversation would fail as those who I was engaging with already knew the finer details of my trip, on further investigation I found that through applications such as ‘Instagram’ and ‘Snapchat’ my entire voyage had been comparable to a live documentary between us and those at home. Pages and pages of conversations and jokes where conducted throughout  our trip that I had been completely oblivious to. I felt like a grandmother when she attempts to engage in conversations revolving pop culture.

On a similar but different note, I found another key aspect of my life that was being documented, my whereabouts and activities. It was on Facebook that I was made aware of this through the little ‘maps’ application that exist on the majority of profiles. And like Sherlock Holmes I investigated further.  This application shows the location you have logged into Facebook throughout your entire career with the social network giant. It showed me that on March 13th I had logged into my account from my friends computer at his house on Bekers street in the outer suburbs of Wellington, New Zealand. And there are 147 similar scenarios allowing others to relive my every movement. Not that I am paranoid about this level of exposure but if my girlfriend found out I would be in trouble, that was an attempt at humour I am well behaved and single.

They Know Where We Are, And Where We Have Been

The development of social media and Net communications  has indeed brought unity, and allowed people to stay in continuous contact regardless of their position on the globe but at what cost. There used to be a certain mystery in the world, a mystery that is hard to be summarised in a sentence. One of my favourite quotes of all time is  “absence makes the heart grow fonder”, but with innovations such as Skype, it is difficult to see how a concept such as absence exists, after a ten minute internet search does the word stranger exist?


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20YROLD Male born in raised in the motherland aka New Zealand. Currently studying in Melbourne and enjoying every second.

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