Freedom of idiocy


Over the last few years the subject of dressing as a ‘slut’ has become a reoccurring theme in the media with huge allegations being made regarding sexism as well as claims that women’s rights are in jeopardy. I personally am against the public belief, taking the position that if young ladies dress inappropriately they are more exposed to sexual indecency.  Now I know my stance on this sensitive subject may seem outlandish and extremely sexist, and such comments have been the backbone for people being laid off from their place of employment but I, like everyone, am just trying to make sense of this crazy world.

Being brought up with old fashioned values I have been equipped with the upmost respect for the opposite sex; I might also mention that coming from a family containing four women I know the obsolete power of the female species, an unrivalled power I might add. It is however the society we live in that has created a predisposition for men to associate women in minimal clothing as sex symbols or the more urban term ‘slut’. Each day, as being part of this modern and capital society we are bombarded with an assault of media that seeks to entrench within us the association between girls in erotic clothing and sex. Just looking at various modern music videos, advertisements as well as the obscenity of concepts such as ‘lingerie football’ (a sport in United States where women play American Football wearing  very sexy lingerie). It has become apparent that it is mechanisms like this that have become the driving force for teenagers as well as young men to develop a predisposition, a disposition that  pronounces women who expose themselves as more likely to engage in acts of a sexual nature. Think about it, as humans we rely on perception to dictate our thoughts and actions and with what we are told and have been exposed to. A classic example of this is that if we were to imagine a normal human being dressed in a police outfit we would look to them for safety and security much like adolescent men may view women who dress as ‘sluts’ to act in a way they have conjured up.  It is not a pleasant thought but let’s be honest most people will judge a book by its cover.

 In 2011 Constable Michael Sanguinetti lost his employment as a county Sheriff after a comment he made suggested women should dress more appropriately if they wish to the avoid being the subject of sexual attention.  I find this decision to be extreme, considering Sanguinetti a member of the law and as such has a duty to act in the best interests of the public; although his comment was ill judge was it not worthy of his dismissal.  Just like women are conditioned to see men who ride motorbikes as ‘hunk’s  men who view women in tight or enticing clothing  are going to perceive them as more sexually vulnerable. 

 Following Sanguinetti comments groups began to form on social media sites such as Facebook and twitter demanding more respect for women and out of it came the now annual ‘slut walk’, where young women parade around in as few clothes as imaginable in order to prove a point, a point that alludes me. And I have met some males who attended this walk, not to march for the motives and objectives of the rally but more interpreting it as a prime opportunity to take advantage of girls. Now don’t get me wrong, the actions of these men even astonished me with the idiocy but it does act to reinforce the irony of the event.  

Now for my final point I must say that I believe girls who dress in such a manner that deems them necessary for the term ‘slut’ does not make them one at all, however it is the mentality of young men that creates this interpretation.  If we are to change this we must look at the foundation of society and our rapid inclusions of what is deemed socially acceptable. Instead we are blaming individuals such as constable Sanguinetti and parading the street in a barbaric fashion.

Time to change.

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Our Romance with Technology

Food, Water,air and technology.

As I begin to look at my life and all the things within  it I cannot help but to place my technological devices as some of the most important and crucial aspects of my existence. For example, I could not be sharing my concerns to you right now  if it wasn’t for the  technologies like my loyal and ever loving computer.

I found out yesterday that I am currently suffering from nomophobia, now dont get to concerned guys. This is a fear shared by over half the population whereby the loss of your mobile phone causes anxiety, creates a feeling of vulnerability and in some cases incites depression.

Not having access to Facebook has seen similar results, I myself before beginning this piece decided to venture to the social media giant. But what is it that has created this unparalleled bond between humans and technology. It is the practicality, the thought of how did people every live without it, or is our drive to advance so extreme it has precedence over everything?’

I used to wonder why my mother wanted to have an iphone and why she couldnt be content with an easy to use classical Nokia, or why I wanted the latest updates to my Iphone. It then became clear, our technology is what makes us superior beings, it separates us from the animals and is why as humans we exist at the top of the food change. And this unique relationship  is one of continual development and and our thirst for  technological advancement will simply never be quenched.

Humans suffer from ‘instinctual deprivation’. This is to say that when we are born we lack an instinctual ability to screen out information that is irrelevant. Take for instance  the media and advertising that is forced into us and how these images and advertisements, applications etc can stay with us long after they have escaped our gaze. We are fascinated by it, our intellect begs to be fed and as throughout history, it is technological advances have provided the greatest nourishment for our never ending curiosity, whilst  also providing the pinnacle breakthroughs for mankind.  What I mean to say by this is that without this relationship we would be unable to function.  Social connections would break down, millions would perish under the pressure of a world free from technology and I personally wouldn’t be able to create genius Facebook status’ on a daily basis.

What’s in store for the future?? It’s uncertain, but personally i’m excited, embracing technology has never been a choice but a reality.